Abstract submission

Contributions in any area of graph theory are welcome. All speakers are expected to submit abstracts of their talks (in English). Please, prepare your abstract using TeX template (see pdf example) and limit the length of your abstract to two pages. To submit or update your abstract in TeX please click the link in the registration mail you have received after completing the registration process.

One of the aims of the workshop is to enhance the collaboration between researchers. We plan to provide rooms with blackboards that will help you work with others and plan to organise an open problem session. We encourage you to propose some open problems in your abstract and/or to present them at the conference.

The book of abstracts, without ISBN, will be made available during the workshop, and must be regarded as a collection of preprints rather than a (formally reviewed) selection of papers. Therefore, papers that have just been submitted to journals or to formally reviewed conferences are eligible for being presented at GWGT, assuming that it is allowed by those venues.